No.1 Ermine Street, Ancaster

No.1 Ermine Street, a significantly important late 1st-4th century AD site which has helped to further current knowledge of the Roman Town of Ancaster.

During 2009 MAS undertook a strip, map and record exercise during development at No.1 Ermine Street, Ancaster. After initial machining of the site area it soon became apparent that a well preserved stone structure at a considerable depth was present, along with a small industrial area possibly representing an oven or kiln structure.

Artefacts recovered from the site included sherds of an Amphora vessel originating from Spain, pottery from the Nene Valley area of Peterborough, as well as 2nd century high status pottery sherds, one which belonged to a Central Gaulish decorated Samian ware bowl.

Photograph of a fragment of Roman pottery

2nd century Samian Ware

Plan of Armine Street excavation

Plan of Ermine St Roman Building

Photograph of a kiln under excavation

Kiln Structure

Photograph of a building under archaeological excavation

No.1 Ermine St Roman Building