The Old Plough, Weston-on-Trent

Between 2010-2012 MAS undertook a series of archaeological investigations during the re-development of a former public house site, The Old Plough, Weston-on-Trent, Derbyshire.

Initially MAS were asked to undertake a trenched evaluation of the site area prior to development, during this evaluation we discovered 11th century features and deposits, along with some well preserved 11th century pottery.

Once the development of the site was underway we were asked to record any archaeology which may have come to light. During these observations we uncovered a brick and stone lined well underneath the floor area of the former public house building, this was of a considerable depth and appeared to still be functioning!

Photograph of excavation at the Old Plough Inn

Evaluation: The Old Plough Inn

Photograph showing a brick lined well

Stone and brick lined well, The Old Plough Inn

Photograph of an archaeological watching brief

Watching brief: The Old Plough Inn

Photograph of a Saxon pit

Saxon pit containing 11th century pottery